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I'd be wary about putting so much money into a laptop. The power supply (not the battery, the power supply) and display units are ridiculously expensive to replace if they go out, and I didn't see any mention of your contingency plans if either go out.

Unless you've got space issues, why not siphon some of the money you're pouring into this laptop into assembling a decent desktop?

As for OS, I'd avoid Windows Server 2008 if you plan on doing any gaming with something released in the last 10 years, simply because many game installers will throw fits if they see you're trying to install them on Windows Server, and most virtual machine hosting software doesn't allow for you to allocate more video ram to the guest OS. It would be far better than Windows 7 at hosting Virtual Machines, however, with Hyper-V being built into R2.

As for the high operating temps, have you tried cleaning out the laptop fans of dust recently?
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