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Originally Posted by VERGUNDAI View Post
Thats true, keep those files of the edited maps, and try to edit different maps, some maps have png errors and some don't. I think its because only some were exported correctly in 16 colors, while some are exported and 253 colors.

This error usually occurs on 3DS Max 8......FYI
Thanks, I found out what my error was.
I had to add my map with textures to the library.
Now I have a new error, when I try to convert the .IMD file to a NSMBD.
I get a error in CMD;

HTML Code:
An exception occured! Type:TranscodingException, Message:An invalid multi-byte
source text sequence was encountered
g3dcvtr ERROR: Read error 'Golden.imd'
                        file useifp.h, line 108
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