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Episode 3: Some things start to Pan out!

Long Play
Heading out towards Route 2 I got a call from Mom, who appeared behind me to present me with the running shoes! Which I prompty broke it tromping through the mud of Route 2 searching for any more interesting Pokémon. A couple of the local trainers decided that if I was going to be passing through, I should help them brian and wanted to battle. I happily accepted the challenge and proceeded to defeat all of them.

Exiting Route 2, Bianca ran up behind and surprised me with a battle to show me how much she had trained. She was impressed that I had still been stronger and resolved to train some more. I explored Striaton City a bit and found out that the gym leader had gone to the trainer school. I must have just passed him on my way in, but didn;t notice, because all I found in the school house was Cheren waiting for me. He decided a battle was in order too, and was equally as surprised as Bianca when I defeated him too. He left and I made my way back to the gym. The leader saw that I had an Oshawott and suggested that I may need to be ready to fight a grass type and that training in the Dreamyard nearby would be a good idea. I took the suggestion and wandered over the the dilapidated factory and found a few other trainers there preparing for the gym as well. A woman was handing out free Pokémon, and offered me a Pansear. Having no good way to combat grass types, I readily accepted the Pansear and named it Pewter. It was nearing dusk, so we returned to the Pokémon center, with tomorrow slated to train up Pewter into a great member of the team.

Pokémon after Episode 3

Pallet the Oshawott
Level 12

Viridian the Lillipup
Level 11

Pewter the Pansear
Level 10
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