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I have just joined this community, so let me first say "Hello!" I have played through every Gen except for D/P/P, yet was never able to really get a formula down for success, and am looking for some suggestions on what exactly to with my team. I am at the E4. Currently, it consists of:

Level 46 Zebstrika with Discharge, Wild Charge, Stomp, and Thunderbolt
Level 48 Seismitoad with Muddy Water, Mud Shot, Bulldoze and Flail
Level 46 Stoutland with Surf, Crunch, Shadow Ball, and Retaliate
Level 46 Archeops with U-turn (Don't ask), Shadow Claw, Fly, and Aerial Ace
Level 47 Emboar with Heat Crash, Giga Impact, Strength, and Hammer Arm
Level 50 Zweilous with Crunch, Dragon Rush, Dragon Pulse, and Body Slam

Zweilous is so ahead because of how much of a pain he was to use as Deino, so I focused on getting him evolved ASAP.

Any suggestions/feedback are appreciated.