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Quote originally posted by pokemonlover493:
I'm not going to play the Red gen.II graphics patch. But don't worry, I have been keeping up with this hack. I can't wait until it is completed. I hope you put out good work for this hack and many other future hacks.
Thank you very much!

Quote originally posted by tigs15:
Ohh and if its possible could you make pokemon that evolve by trade evolve normally. I'd love a gengar
Yes, my game already includes the ability for the four trade evolution Pokemon to evolve by level.
(which you would know if you read the first page of comments.... )

Quote originally posted by tigs15:
I applied the patch but it doesnt have a different title screen or plot. The graphics are different thought is that all that was implemented in the demo so far?>
You're talking about the Gen. II graphics patch, right?
Well, yes.. it only updates the graphics... hence the name??
If you go to the graphics patch's thread, did you even read the first post? I explicitly disclaim that the graphics patch is not directly related to Prototype and does not have any of the storyline or map changes or anything like that. It plays exactly like the original Pokemon Red. But it has all the big features implimented in Prototype such as 6x6 backsprites and trainers in full color etc... which you would know if you read the readme or the first post of the graphics patch....

And I'm positive that if you look closer, you'll notice the titlescreen is different. It doesn't look like Prototype's titlescreen obviously, but the "POKéMON" title is greatly improved (actually taken from GSC) and the Charmander on the titlescreen in the new GSC sprite.

Also, the first post was about this hack, sure. But your second post was about the graphics patch, so it belongs in the graphics patch's thread.
Also, there's an edit button.. No need to double post after just ten minutes... >.<

Hacks made from my Pokémon Red - Gen. II Graphics Patch (V2.0 JUST RELEASED):
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