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Thanks definitely low kick over superpower because I only used brick break to hit tyranitar,ferrothorn and the air balloon guys what threats does aqua tail hit?

why does gliscor need to be faster? the ev spread I had worked superbly against scizor,conkeldurr, and anything faster than it I wouldnt switch in too? but it only makes sense to make a sub set faster so I think i'll run with that thank you

Originally Posted by Miss Doronjo View Post
The team looks good, but may I make some small suggestions?

For instance, I'd suggest you run 248 HP / 252 Att / the rest go to def or spe on Scizor, because it adds to it's decent bulk when say, you're up against a LO Latios and you want to Pursuit it when it uses Surf or something. I'd also try out Rest on Rotom-W if you don't like the survivability on Pain Split. Your Rotom-H seems to be the only one that can take on a Jellicent, and Rest can help you more against taking on the likes of Jellicent, who does have a nasty habit of burning pokemon with Scald or Will-o-Wisp, and Rest can relieve some of that added burn pressure for you.

Otherwise, I'd run a more offensive Rotom-W if you're running HP Ice:

4 HP / 252 Special Attack / 252 Speed
@ Choice Scarf or Leftovers
~ Volt Switch
~ Hidden Power Ice
~ Hydro Pump
~ Trick

Because I see that your team is more offensively paced, and this particular Rotom can probably help you more on your fast Volt-Turn combo, without slowing you down. But, if you don't want to, that's okay- it's just a suggestion.

But yeah, hope this helps. Other leads you can try could include Deoxys-D since it can set up Stealth Rock and spikes for more added pressure, but yeah. Good luck on your battles!
Thanks ill test ot out online before I change the evs on scizor or I might just breed another because they changed the mechanics for ev reducing berries instead of being lower to 100 after the first one it simply gets reduced by 10 what a pain :/

also for the rotom set why scarf and not specs? just curious is all Im going to test this spread out two I tried out heatran in its place and noticed I had a huge problem with water types but tormentran is fun

Originally Posted by ParukiaBattler Chill View Post
you said you've tried jellicent and milotic. Try calm mind suicune with scald and rest and sleep talk its risky but it get the job done only probably is pkmn that dont get affected by water cough* cough* toxicroak.
hmm suicune never crossed my mind ill try it out but im worried the shift to 5th gen has made everything a lot more powerful and as unreliable as sleep talk set was before its a little worse now :/ but if reuniclus can get away with it sure why not?