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Alrighty then! (Now with a completely new history)
Name: Alex. No surname, as he doesn't remember it

Nickname: Twig

Sex: Male

Appearance: Tanned skin, short black hair, tall, bright green eyes


Your ability: Increased speed

Personality: Alex has a serious personality and tries to do things as quick as possible. However, despite this, he eagerly tries to remember his past.

History: Alex was a 13 year old boy who was living with his family, who became bankrupt. Before long they were told that they are being evicted from the house. Alex and his father left the house. They asked each other where to go. After a while they decided to go to their uncle's house. While they were walking to the uncle's house, Alex's legs were aching in pain so he had to rest for a few seconds. He then got up...and realised he was in the middle of a crossroads. His father could've gone anywhere, so he went right, aka, the wrong way. He wandered into an alleyway, a dark one. It was then that he was abducted by a masked man. He woke up on a metal slab. A scientist explained to Alex that they were "just testing some gadgets". He saw four others in the same room as his, about the same age as him. The scientists then pulled out a giant machine and told him and the others to look into it. Alex went and did it and it, and immediately his memory was wiped out. Alex started to panic, he didn't remember anything. He ran because of this and was running through the corridors. He found a strange pad in one of the rooms, and was determined to find out what it was. He hopped onto the pad and he disappeared. The pad was a time machine. He found himself near a lake and started to walk around. He found a Totodile waddling around. The Totodile asked him who he was, but of course, he couldn't answer the question. Totodile then decided to call Alex "Twig" because there was a twig on his head. Totodile then decided to help Alex get his memory back, and they became a team.

Region: Johto

Legendary Interaction: Celebi, since it can see the past

Partner Pokémon: Totodile

Level: 1

Gender: Male

Ability: Sheer Force

Moveset: Tackle, ice punch

Who is the equivalent to your rival in this rp?
He is the clone of Alex created by scientists with the sole purpose of destroying him.
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