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If it's a stand alone, I think it'd be cool if it was a normal type. Eevee's stats are less than amazing so if it had a normal type evolution it might be nice, especially since normal types generally have amazingly diverse move pools.

It'd be cool if it was a new type but I'm not holding my breath... Dark and steel types were introduced to balance psychic and fighting types, right? Is there really such a huge imbalance elsewhere that absolutely requires new types, this far after the last "new" types were introduced?

That said, if there was a light type, I think it'd be interesting to see what its strengths and weaknesses would be... It might be cool if it was super effective on fighting, dark, and steel, while being not very effective on psychic and ghost, and defensively resistant to fighting and bug (possibly being immune to one of those) and weak to ghost and dark attacks... (In short, exactly the opposite of dark types, and therefore being strong and weak against them.) Might be interesting... Still, I don't really expect new types. I wouldn't terribly mind it, but I think the new Eeveelution doesn't necessarily mean it is a new type. Could fairly easily be a normal or flying type, based on appearance.