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My toys and figurines:


In all there's 2 McDonald's Reshiram, 2 McDonald's Pikachu, 1 McDonald's Snivy, the Lugia that came with a pre-ordered copy of SoulSilver at GameStop, and a plush Mewtwo for the non-TCG figurines and toys.

The TCG figurines are the following:
Arceus - Platinum Premium Box
Mewtwo - Mewtwo Collection
Entei - some HGSS series box
Keldeo - Keldeo box
Oshawott (black base) - Oshawott Sneak-Peek Tin
Snivy (black base) - Snivy Sneak-Peek Tin
Tepig (white base) - Tepig Sneak-Peek Tin
Reshiram (black base) - Reshiram Box
Zekrom (white base) - Zekrom Box
Emboar (white base) - Excellent Emboar Box
Victini (white and black bases) - Victini Tin/ Victini Box
Unopened Victini (white base) - Victini Tin
2x Kyurem - Kyurem Box

I'm actually still missing quite a few TCG figurines from this era. Most of the ones I've marked the color of the bases of I am 99% certain come with a base of the opposite color as well.

And the other item I didn't have to dig out to photograph, my GSC Pokemon Adventures box set:


The wrap is starting to tear on that one, which is unfortunate but I was eventually going to open it to read the volumes anyway.

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