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thanks for taking the time to check my thread, and leave a comment :) I'm glad you think it has potential!

the first and second....wellll, you'll see. once I've finished eventing up to the first gym leader (I have all the maps, just need to finish the events and maybe work on a few custom OWs), I'll put up a dl that'll basically reveal all the stuff I've been ~secretive~ about, haha. I dunno, I like a bit of mystery. (plus, tbh the name is a working title. it'll probably change a bunch while I work on this!)

there isn't a male protag for this game. mostly because this game is sort of developed from a roleplay character I never got the opportunity to use, but also because this isn't going to be a silent protag game. the character you play as has her own personality and opinions on stuff, and I figured adding an extra protag just for the sake of it would basically just double the amount of dialogue I need. plus...I didn't want a male protag? haha. that's probably the main reason, I guess.

and ugh, the name. names! I am so bad at them! (as you might have noticed from the ??? above basically every character. that's not a mystery thing, I just haven't named them yet.) I'll come up with a name for it eventually, I guess.
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