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You idiot!
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Originally Posted by Roranosuke View Post
This looks interesting

Name: Roranosuke
Partner Pokemon: Porygon, Smeargle, & Blissey.
Reason for Joining: Most of my favourites are normal. It's a really neutral type, & it has the fewest strengths & weaknesses.
Favorite Normal Type Move: Sketch!

OT: Barring Arceus for obvious reasons, I'd personally say the strongest would probably be Regigigas, because in my experience it has no problem enduring it's 5 turn Slow Start before it's stats jump above most other legendaries.

I do somewhat agree with Umbr30n though, nothing takes out a tank like Lock-on & Horn Drill.
Welcome guy, and that combination is quite despicable but at the same time, sick!

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