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Quote originally posted by Scarf:
So, speaking of adaptations, which camp do we fall into? Stay faithful to the book and fans (who have proven that changes aren't really necessary for success) or make whatever changes and improvements are necessary to make a good movie (because books can be popular with a narrow appeal and a movie needs broader appeal)?
Personally, I'm more of a supporter of sticking to the elements of the book as to appeal to the fandom that whatever is being adapted has garnered. I mean, really, consider the demographic that is likely to see the adapted movie. I would expect that the general consensus of said demographic will consist of those that are apart of the fandom and want to see their favorite book on the big screen, and the minority of such is made up of people that want to see a good movie to kill some time. I would be more willing to try and keep that fandom entertained with what they expect rather than switching things around.