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Rutack ShadowBlade

As Rutack continued walking down the corridors making sure to avoid the secret passageways that travel all over the castle, as he was unsure if Tobi was following or not. then he heard a door slam, and three sets of footsteps, he turned the corner and saw a woman covered in grey armor and clothing, and a grey cloak. "Lady Thia Rondamar," he said with a warm smile, before turning to her obviously unwanted escort, "Thank you gentlemen, I'll take it from here" he said dismissing the two guards.

Rutack turned back to Lady Thia and said, "it's a pleasure to meet you my lady," as he lifted her hand and gently kissed it, then he let it return to her side. "Are you here to see the king? please by all means, come with me I'll take you to him," he turned and began again leading the two others to the king. He ignored the tatzelwurm that hung near Thia's side.
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