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Originally Posted by ShinyUmbreon189 View Post
I'm all for legalizing guns in every state AND ALLOW YOU TO HAVE IT CONCEALED AS LONG AS YOUR 21 OR OLDER. How of often you think a womens gonna get raped then? A gang member wont try to rape if they question that person having a gun. That's what they need to do. If guns were legal everywhere, the crime would go down. Chicago has the strictest gun laws but the most body count. Hmm, I wonder why. If any women 21 or older and is mentally stable to have a gun has a gun, you think they'll get raped? People wont risk it because they don't know if they have one or not. If guns become illegal period, it's gonna be like Chicago EVERYWHERE. Compton ain't nothin.
The problem is that people, even perfectly sane people, don't use guns just to fight criminals...

I think proper investigation is the main weapon against rapists, but sadly it's not always easy. A rape leaves traumatic scars in a woman and there are very few women who are able to overcome the trauma without professional help and go to the police. With rape comes shame, and dirt. Admitting being a rape victim is one of the toughest things for a woman. So the authorities need to be collaborative and create an environment in which the woman feels less nervous and report the fact to the police. There are many rapists on the loose out there because the victims don't report the fact, but how can you force them to do it when there's a whole social stigma associated with it?

The only way to prevent rape is the same way you can prevent other crimes, by being extra careful when you're alone. Guns don't help, rapists don't attack prepared women, the same way thieves don't attack aware victims.

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