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Wolfy's Nominations
1Q 2013 Nominations

Thread Awards:

Best Rookie Roleplay: Youkai Academy
What can I say? It's fun! I was tempted into it after deciding not to join any more Roleplays (look how that turned out). It filled up pretty quickly, and I think that speaks for itself.

Best Veteran Roleplay: Earth and Sky!: Pokemon Battle Royale!
How could I not put this vote in? Earth and Sky is an absolute relic, and an undiscovered one at that. this RP deserves so much more credit than it recieves. Quto has put quite a lot of thought and hard work into this RP, and only a few people are enjoying it. I'd like to see his Player Count grow, so that others may also see his marveling creation.

Most Original Roleplay:

Member Awards:

Best Rookie Roleplayer:

Most Improved Roleplayer:

Best Game Master: Quto
Quto deserves this one through and through. If I need further explanation, just go back and read that "Best Veteran Roleplay" explanation. All of your info is right up there.

Best Sign-Up Writer: NightOfRemorse
She's (Is it "She"? I think so) not too well-known around here, but I respect her in that she can create very interesting characters that often add something to the Roleplay, making her a very fun player to interact with.

Most Helpful Player:

Best Roleplayer: