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Lass Alli
SoulSilver (Jap)

Megan ♀ lv. 52 @ Miracle Seed
[ Petal Dance, Cut, PoisonPowder, Magical Leaf ]

Klare ♀ lv. 52 @ Leftovers
[ Flamethrower, Wil-O-Wisp, Confuse Ray, Headbutt ]

Anice ♀ lv. 52 @ Choice Scarf
[ Thunderbolt, Double Kick, Headbutt, Shadow Ball ]

Berta ♀ lv. 52 @ King's Rock
[ Zen Headbutt, Body Slam, Surf, Earthquake ]

Layla ♀ lv. 52 @Nevermeltice
[ Ice Beam, Surf, Thunderbolt, Psychic ]

Raeanne ♀ lv. 52 @ Amulet Coin
[ Mist Ball, Waterfall, Fly, Dragon Pulse ]

Traded in my final party member from HeartGold! Raeanne the Latias! Now I have a flier on the team, which is much better than Pidgey. I easily caught her up to the rest of the team at level 45. Then we went to Kanto and traveled the whole region, excluding gym battles. Gained a ton of levels in doing so, as you can tell. Now that there are no trainers left, except the ones in the gym, it's time to take them out. I was going to go in order, but since Janine is the lowest leveled leader, I went ahead and beat her first. Everyone else will be taken down in order though, and hopefully I can get in some trainer rematches during the times I'm taking them down. A little extra exp never hurt!

tiling my own grave to keep me level
super mod | paired to goku

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