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Okay so, Basically this is a team i'm setting up for work on a new hack “Pokemon Desegrate: Redux”. (my 1st actual hack but my 4th in terms of attempts and about 50th after experimenting and messing with a..."few"... blank roms)

Team Redux is about Re-birth and redoing things, to a better standard, but also welcomes original ideas. Hopefully the team will get about 5-7 people, any less and work doesn't get done fast enough, and more and nothing gets done in most cases.


-> NurseBarbra (myself): Advanced Tile inserter, Mapper and graphics editor, with some intermediate scripting knowledge

->Rioka (Pinkish Purple): OW spriter of sprites :3
-> Dash (Forever Dash): Our Beta tester.
Incisor: Secondary Mapper

:Who's Needed:
=> Spriters who can do both Trainersprites.
=> Scripters (both basic and advanced)
=> Mappers (who put some thought into mapping)
=>A Beta tester/proof reader (We're bound to make mistakes along the way)

: Our goal :
To move away from the usual “8 gym, elite 4, beat the gang” way about things.
To make something original that doesn't feel like the same cookie cutter stuff that's out there.


Your story begins in the town of Lanat, a farming community based in the center of the region.
The Town is situated at the base of a mountain, providing sheilding from harsh light, as well as
a river for the fresh water. You, the helper working on your neighbours farm, are sent to retrive a
substance known as Hokna, a fertiliser, from the cave north of the village. Unfortunatly it isn't so
simple, and your curiousity sends you down a path you never dreamed of.

Redux Members involved:

Name you want to be called by:
How available are you (in terms of hours/week):
Contact information: (be it skype or something else because pms can get messy)
Proof of skills*:

* >> Mappers must submit 2 maps made using the Firered tiles in a “semi-natural” style, One for a town/city and one for a route. (E.g: Trees grow randomly but towns are less random and cities are planned)
>> Scripters need to submit a script and explain how it works. (It's all well and good to be able to fuel a car, but you need to be able to drive it!)
>> Spriters must design and then sprite a trainer/ Resprite a current pokemon into a new pose. (Designing a trainer can be any way you want but it must be sprited after, No recolours please :I)