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I ALMOST have all 13 children pick out for a second run through. (I haven't even finished my first game.) There are just a few pick that I haven't made yet.

The biggest question is Nah. I want to use her heavily on my next team. Donnel can't be the father (he is a popular choice) because he is giving 49 Luck Cap to Kjelle. So the only choices left are Gregor and Kellam.

Kellam offers stellar defense, better tank. Gregor offers Armsthrift witch makes it easier to actually use Nah as much as I want.

I suppose defense can always be made up with pairing. Armsthrift allows the expensive Dragonstone+ to be used 100% without having to buy new ones too often. Her Armsthrift would only be 92% maxed, so its not perfect.

I'm also trying to expiriment with Counter Archers, Bow users that have counter to deal damage when they are attacked at melee range. Not sure if it is as practical as I imagine.