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Originally Posted by Torchi12 View Post
EVGastly: +spc.atk -defense
ShinyGastly: +speed -defense

Does nature increase the positive one(like EVGastly -> +spc.atk) on level-up? Or is it like a constant value
Nature increases the positive stat by 10% and decreases the negative by 10%.

Unfortunately your shiny Gastly has very low IVs and is comparatively weak. Your other Gastly has the chance of being flawless in SP Attack however.

Originally Posted by LilJz1234 View Post
In Pokemon Ruby I finally got to Pacifidlog town and now I don't know where to go *_*
Am I supposed to fight Team Magma somewhere and confront Groudon too?
You need to have Dive and the 7th badge, the dive and find the room with the submarine. Team Magma will be there, defeat them and Groudon will go to Sootopolis City. Catch it or defeat it (you should totally catch it though) and then you can get the 8th badge, go and beat the Champion. And be a happy birdy.