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Well yesterday was very eventful for me. I obtained the Wave badge, swept the whole gym with Jolteon. However, yesterday's biggest event has to be the Shiny Purrloin I caught on Route 19 while EV training my team. Caught at level 3, Lonely nature (+ Attack, yay!) and it has Uburden which isn't too bad in my eyes. Also on Monday I caught a shiny Solosis in Strange House, level 31. Rubbish nature and ability though, Careful and Overcoat.

I'm working through the story with Team Plasma, about to head to Route 22. Hoping to beat the Elite Four tonight as I want to get the main story over and done with so I can start post-game and make a team of my favourite Pokémon (like Leafeon).

Player: Yui
Badges: 8
Time: 27:14
Pokédex: 197


Samurott - Level 49 - Modest
Ice Beam
Water Pulse
Aqua Tail

Lucario - Level 52 - Careful
Aura Sphere
Ice Punch
Swords Dance
Shadow Claw

Jolteon - Level 54 - Docile
Signal Beam
Shadow Ball
Thunder Wave

Crobat - Level 47 - Jolly
Cross Poison

Haxorus - Level 48 - Quirky
Dragon Dance
Dragon Claw

Zoroark - Level 48 - Hasty
Dark Pulse (move tutor, learns at 64)
Night Slash (will replace with Flamethrower)

I'm confident my team can wipe the floor with the Elite Four, once they're all leveled to at least 60. I've maxxed out EVs on them all, training all in Speed and Attack for Lucario, Haxorus and Crobat. Speed and Special Attack for Samurott, Jolteon and Zoroark.
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