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>It's mouth is close? Push a lava cookie inside!
If you die, then it was nice knowing you bud~!

You reach for a cookie, but the Cyndaquil licks it from your hand, crunching it up and swallowing it in less than a second.

It's not a crocodile, it's a rodent. It can probably digest freaking steel; biscuit isn't exactly going to be a problem for it.

> Stuff the Rare Bone in it's maw vertically and pull your hand back quickly, you sometimes have the reaction time of a half asleep Turtwig but I assume since it's either kill or die your pretty high on adreneline so you should be quicker,even if that bones not strong take the time it takes for this thing to breake it to jab Your Dangerous Makeshift Knife in it's throat repeatedly and even if it seems like it's dead dose it's flames with the coffee cup, that usually kills Fire pokemon than drag yourself to back to the pokecenter or to Mr.Pokemon's house jam yourself in a healing machine and use it before you collapse and die

There's not quite enough time for the bone, but the Dangerous Makeshift Knife is right where you dropped it, and as the teeth brush your forehead—

—you ram its glass blade into the Cyndaquil's throat as hard as you can, then wrench it out and to the side, slicing it open to the vertebrae. Hot dark ichor spurts across your face, and all at once the Cyndaquil is sighing wheezily, sliding away to the left, breath bubbling through the hole in its neck, and all you can hear is the crackle of the flames as the world fades into warm, dark oblivion.


When you wake, you aren't dead.

Nor are you on fire.

Nor have you been eaten.

Since you were expecting at least one of the above, you consider this pretty good going.

Somehow, you sit up – and then stand up, and realise that your wounds are gone. Not just healed, but actually gone. You stare at yourself for a moment, then look around.

It seems to be close to night now, and you are standing at the top of the ledge to the left of what was once a Lonesome House and is now a Flaming Ruin. The fallen tree that would have allowed you to climb up here has been removed, and a note is pinned to the front of your Stylish Dress.

Don't stay still. You did well, but he's not dead. Not yet. You scared him off for now, and he'll be more cautious in future, but he'll be back soon enough. His sort always are.

You made it this far, but the road gets tougher ahead. They're lurking there, waiting for us to make a mistake, but they won't hesitate to come after you either if they find you. Keep your Radar close and your weapon closer.

Good luck. We're waiting for you.

There's no signature, but that scarcely seems to matter.

You're alive.

And someone is on your side.

It's the best news you've had all day.

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