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I wanted to do one of these too, except for FireRed :)
The idea is really good, and I'm sure many people will appreciate you doing this. For future videos, I would be to cut down those bigger videos into subsections. Edit your videos to match sections like in your mini table of contents in the thread. For example:

-Introduction to hex editing (and binary)
-GB/C rom structure
-Hex editing examples
-Text editing (Pokemon G/S/C content)
-Trainer editing (Pokemon G/S/C content)

These should all be 5 different videos all 8-10 mins in length maximum. The reason being is that we humans have short attention spans and prefer shorter videos on content that we want. Doing it this way will allow people of different levels to reference different "tutorials" at the same time not get really bored.

Keep up the great work, and I love your accent bro :P

My name forum name is FBI Agent, though you can call me FBI because it's shorter. I ran a ASM request/resource thread feel free to check that out!
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