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Originally Posted by NecrumWarrior View Post
There pretty much isn't any game where a Dragon is available before the 3rd gym, to my knowlege, at least not without a Pokewalker or Dream World. Anyway, that sounds fine in this instance, since there's no real place where a Dragon Scale is just sitting to be found. But wait a reasonable amount of time before evolving, use Seadra for a bit. Give him some love. o 3o
okay Cool i can't get my trading to work right now but i'll try some more and see if i get it to work and start a Dragon Challenge then, probably just a single game challenge because dragon types are so limiting to only a few pokes.

But i would like to start another monotype challenge, cause i'm kinda tired of my other challenges right now and want something else to spice it up, so i want to start a ground type challenge too because there are a lot of cool ground type pokemon.(Damn i love playing monotype challenge, just fun to play, but it is good to have something to change it up a bit)

Username: Febbe
Type: Ground
Challenge: Ultimate

I'll start with emerald because there are so many cool and diverse ground types in that game.
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