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Quote originally posted by PlatinumDude:
There's absolutely no need to evolve both Larvitar all the way to Tyranitar if you intend to breed them.

Here's how EVs work. Individual values represent the quality of a Pokémon's stats from a value of 0-31 (this applies to all visible stats). Read this for more.

Here are some tips to make your breeding easier:
-It would be great if at least one of the parents have the wanted nature, so give that parent the Everstone to increase the odds (B/W) or guarantee (B2/W2) that the nature will be passed down.
-The Power items guarantee that a particular IV will be passed down:
--Power Weight: HP
--Power Bracer: Attack
--Power Belt: Defense
--Power Lens: Special Attack
--Power Band: Special Defense
--Power Anklet: Speed
-Tyranitar doesn't learn Dragon Dance by level-up, so you can breed a female Larvitar/Pupitar/Tyranitar with a male Axew/Fraxure/Haxorus to pass the move down to the offspring
-If both parents have different Trainer IDs, then the odds of finding an egg are higher.

Can two high IV pokemon be bred into the baby pokemon using the power items?
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