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Now that I've actually thought about this carefully, I like them both equally. Compared to some other legendary designs I've seen they're sleek and badass! Also it's interesting how Yveltal is essentially a flying Y, while Xerneas horns are crossed in an X, I like how Game Freak cleverly put it there.

And I'm agreeing with Jake :3, honestly Game Freak went overboard with dragon-type legendaries. I'm tired of seeing them making a return, generation after generation when there are so many more countless possibilities out there. Yveltal has the look for a dragon-type though honestly but I'd also say there's quite a chance its a Dark/Flying.

As for Xerneas, I'm actually not too sure :B. Originally I was thinking of a grass and fighting but now I'm moving onto more unusual combos such as Grass/Steel, it'd be an interesting legendary to see :B. What do you guys think? :3
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