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Hello guys! I was wondering and I have been for a while now, what pokemon should I have in my last pary slot? I'm playing Light Platinum ( the Ruby hack ) and I have these pokemon:

Piloswine - Lv53 with Oblivious ability
Swampert - Lv44 with Torrent ability
Hydreigon - Lv64 with Levitate ability ( Grinded like 4 hours for it :p )
Typhlosion - Lv46 with Blaze ability
Lucario - Lv46 with Inner Focus ability
+ that last empty slot

These are the pokemon I've been thinking about :
That psychic evolution of Eevee ( don't remember his name )
Drifloon (his evolution which i don't remember his name)
That grass starter from pokemon Pearl / Diamond

I'd appreciate any pokemon you'd reccomend to my team, but most preferably a pokemon you know a trainer with pokemon around my levels can get in the Light Platinum game. ( I'm at the snow city, done nothing there yet. )


I've changed some of my pokemon to this instead:

Instead of SWAMPERT, I've picked STARYU (grinding to evolve it atm)
Instead of PILOSWINE, I've picked TYRANITAR (grinding to evolve it atm)
at the last slot I've picked VENUSAUR because of its good movepool.
The rest is the same.