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Originally Posted by Bloodex View Post
The people here are more mature than you'd think, so don't worry about the haters.

That being said, I'm a HUGE WWE fan, and I'll definitely be watching Wrestlemania 29. Hell, if I had the money and time, I'd even have gone to seen it, Metlife Stadium is barely an hour's drive by car.

As for my predictions, they're:

-Cena over Rock for the title; this was pretty much confirmed when Cena lost last year.
-Del Rio over Swagger for the title; Swagger's DUI and possession charge is definitely going to be a factor into the loss. I wouldn't be surprised if they went with the 18 second match again.
-Ziggler over Del Rio for the title; Come on. The "Show Off" is definitely cashing in his case in Mania
-Undertaker over Punk; hasn't been confirmed yet, but I'll be damned if this match doesn't happened. With Taker returning at a house show and Punk's promo on Monday, it's definitely going to, though. And of course, the streak lives on. I really do want Punk to win this one, though. He's lost way too many high profile matches lately.

As for matches that I'm less sure will happen:

-Antonio Cesaro vs The Miz for the USA title; If this happens, Cesaro will definitely retain. The dude is WAY to good.
-Shield vs ???; Probably Sheamus, Orton, and someone else. Shield will win, and Orton will hopefully turn heel.

That's my predictions. I'd love for them to have a Money in the Bank match, though, I loved it when it was Mania exclusive.

I really want Shelton Benjamin to return and cut a great promo and bring miab back to wrestlemania, But we bascially have the same predictions.

I'm just hoping The shield wins at mania....
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