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Okay, so let me see if I understand how this works:

You nominate a song for each tier, and you said that we're going in reverse order so I assume that the first tier we're nominating songs for is #100, or #100-91. Not entirely clear which. And if a song we nominate gets bumped out then it's gone completely?

So just for the sake of my understanding, if I nominate something like Rolling in the Deep right now it's never going to place better than the spot I (or someone else) nominates to? Even if I do it right now and every single person who posts after me says "Yes! That is the best song" and it's unanimously agreed upon to be one of PC's favorite songs ever? I would have to withhold my nomination for a better tier, hope someone else doesn't nominate it, and then hope it wins in the tier I do nominate it because even if it gets second place in the top tier it's gonna disappear from the rankings.

I'm not trying to ruin this. I'm just confused about how this is gonna work. I think the idea is a good one (even if a hundred songs sounds like it would take a year to get)

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