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I used to have braces, (have a retainer now) got them off 12/12/12 (omg just realized how awesome that is!)

They didn't really bother me over the 4 years or so I had them - except for a few circustances. Obviously they were annoying the day after they were tightened, but whenever a wire poked, it would always slide out more little by little and become worse and worse :( Also, it was horrible whenever a chuck of the wire broke. But other than that (and flossing as well) they were fine for the most part, this thing that moved my entire lower jaw forward was MUCH worse. (it was a more modern version of headgear that fits completely in your mouth or something)

Quote originally posted by sammi-san:
First I had braces on just my 4 top teeth, and then a little down the road got them all over.

I had that too! (except I also had a retainer five months before that) I never understood the concept of them being there, all on their lonesome. Like how is that gonna help? O.O

I wouldn't really say people look better or worse with or without braces. It isn't something I notice.

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