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Phase One - Pokemon Bonds

Phase Two - TR Capabilities
Phase Three - ? ? ?
Phase Four - ? ? ?


1. The RP is yes, still in Phases, while one Phase is made of probably two to three tasks plus a diary entry at the end. When a phase is close to its end with the missions completed, the E8 would go to their respective rooms, write down their thoughts and others in their diary (hence the name). Then they rest till the next day, where the next phase commences.

2. This RP I think is relatively short, as I want to make this a short yet successful/memorable RP. It will end in about Four Phases.

3. There really IS a killer among them. Always remember to think about that, as they might accuse YOU instead...

Target - Phase One is focused on Pokemon Bonds as warm-up practice. You, one of the E8, wake up and leave for the cafeteria. There, a long table with Pokeballs will be there for you, allowing you to choose one. After that, sit down on a semi-circular row of chairs and wait for the others to arrive. The Warden would arrive shortly to tell you what to do.

It was an important day for the Endowed Eight. When the clock struck eight, the computer system released a wave of 'good news' across the E8's corridor.

"Phase One of the E8 Project commences today. Please proceed according to plan."

As the robotic yet feminine voice echoed across the empty corridors, a confident man in his thirties strode in from the end of the walkway with a briefcase dangling from his grip. He brushed through his short, ink-colored hair with idled fingers then halted for a second, pressing down the morning hair that had been causing him trouble for quite a while. When everything seemed to be okay, the man approached an empty bench and unbuttoned his black trench coat, sitting down with a sigh.

Back pains. You just can't get rid of them.

The cafeteria entrance to the Warden's sector had been locked up tight at that moment, but the E8 had complete access to it through the other side. If memory served him right, he had already lined up ten Pokeballs onto a long, rectangular table at the center of the room, labeling each one with a little 'post-it note'. "Eh...they would know what to do. I've sent them notices for a reason," said the Warden while unzipping his briefcase and reaching for a clipboard within. Then, he scanned across the namelist with his hazel eyes, reading the rows of letters that had been neatly imprinted on a piece of A4 paper.

"Jasper Reed...Steven Zazus...Scyke Murr...a total of seven," he murmured while reading along the lines. "One of you is responsible for killing Xarius Gander..."

"And soon, I'm going to find out exactly who you are."


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