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Scyke was already awake before 8 o'clock. His bed was neatly folded, he already had brushed his teeth, and was already in his Team Rocket uniform. For the past fifteen minutes, all he had done was sat in his bed and pondered about the recent events. The promotion and inclusion to the E8. The new, better dorms than the ones he used to sleep in, even back in the orphanage.

The murder.

Scyke shook his head, trying to clear his thoughts again. There was no point on loitering around the thought of seeing Xarius Gander's body being taken away from his room; what had been done had been done. He tried to focus his mind into something more positive. He was chosen to be in this position, to be part of the young, elite group; out of every young Rocket member, him and seven others had been chosen as the most talented ones. A little crooked smile came to Scyke's face. This was it. He knew he had something in him, something that made him stand out. "A talent for battling with Pokemon," he had once overheard a higher ranked Rocket grunt saying, "I'm sure he will excel here as long as we make sure he stays here." Team Rocket believed in him, believed in his abilities, and now it was time to repay them back for taking him away from the horrible life back in the orphanage four years ago. This was it.

"Phase One of the E8 Project commences today. Please proceed according to plan."

Scyke raised from his bed and straightened out his uniform. He didn't believe in Team Rocket's idea of Pokemon being "weapons"; he saw them as partners, as friends. He sometimes didn't like the dirty work he did for Team Rocket during his practice missions the past few years, but always shook off that feeling and got on with it. Somehow he felt indebted to Team Rocket, and this was no different.

Finally finishing whatever he had to do in his room, Scyke left the dorm and strolled towards the cafeteria. The mysterious man had told everyone who were part of the E8 that they would be given a new Pokemon to use to complete in missions with, and that all their old ones would be taken away for use for training purposes. Ha. Scyke and Murkrow weren't going to get separated that easily. Scyke continued his smile as he remembered the night before, when he had successfully sneaked in and switched his and the new Murkrow's Pokeballs around. Although he was confident that his Murkrow was still going to be there when he reached the cafeteria, he was slightly worried that someone else could of found out and took out his Murkrow. "Don't think like that," Scyke muttered under his breath, "stay positive. He will be there, waiting for me."

Finally reaching the cafeteria, Scyke saw two other people in there, already with a new Pokemon. Scyke wouldn't have minded some greetings, but both of them were minding their own business. Sighing, Scyke went up to the long, rectangular table and searched for the Pokeball that had 'Murkrow' labelled to it. It wasn't hard to find. Scyke picked it up and looked deeply into the Pokeball. Then he smiled once again. He could feel the Pokemon's aura. Kind of. Anyway, he knew this was his Murkrow, the Murkrow that he had grew up with for so many years. They both had shared each other's pains and joys; their unbreakable bond wasn't going to stop because of the E8. The two other members had noticed Scyke's unusual happiness but quickly ignored it. Scyke went and sat down on a nearby bench.

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