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Damn i must say this game is hard. I'm up to mystic cave i think its called. Some of these starter pokemon that have a very rare appearance have been showing up quite a bit. So i caught the snivy and treecko in the grass isle area. Snivy appears all the time, treecko just never appears.....just never. spent over 2 hours trying to find one.

And i'm after the 3rd gym and damn i was getting frustrated during battle cave. First fight that guy who looks like gary, then fight professor...forgot his name, then fight sydney, then fight some old guy. Seems like there is a lot of hard trainers i have to fight just before i even reach the next town.

Then trying to find the third gym, where the **** is it? decided to do the titanic ship first and then kept looking and saw some trainers on the bottom left of the town......where the gym building sign is......the gym is outside? that threw me off cause i thought something was blocking my path when i tried going there before going on the ship. So far i think my garchomp is like level 53 maybe. Thyplosion is 54 and i have a volcarona lvl 54.

Doing good so far, but everytime i each the next town, i'm underleveled. lol.

Good so far, able to catch all these pokemon, gives me a lot to work with.