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Victoria “Alys” Taimor – Outskirts of Curilan, Eveamoor

It took them a week to travel from the dry, flat plains of the Eveamoor Prairies surrounding Dalenham to the more verdant rolling hills that surrounded the nearby city of Curlian like waves. While she wasn’t one to marvel at the scenery, it was always nice to notice the kind of environment they were in since several factors could inhibit the striking of targets when it came to using bows. When she had first started off using the bow, Victoria found it difficult to hit a solitary target, much less a moving target, but with a lot of trial and several errors, she soon learnt how to properly use a bow well within a year. Now, it was almost as natural as walking or striking with her fist.

Crawling over the hill the now lay sprawled, she watch Varian intently as he scanned the fort, “Looks like five, maybe six scouts outside. Anyone with bows or long-range take them out quickly and quietly. Then we storm the fort."

Looking down, she could confirm the presence of the guards, yet she was the only one who could use, successfully so, a bow and soon she felt the weight rest on her shoulders. Before she could do anything, Xeye launched over the apex of the hill before landing on her backside. Victoria cursed under her breath at the stupidity of the girl, wondering even why someone like her was even in this group much less made it as a mercenary. During their trip here, Victoria had found her frustratingly annoying, wanting to strangle her neck at several points with her childish antics. If Varian wanted them to work as a team, then he was definitely pushing it if he wanted her to work with this child that followed the like a sick puppy.

Spying a rocky outcropping a couple of metres to their left, she turned to Varian and the others, “Hold tight, I’ll head over to that outcropping. You’ll be safe to head down when the last one is taken out; I’ll meet you all at the gate.” After talking to them, she gave Castiel a piece of meat before the falcon left its perch on her shoulder, soaring high into the heavens on an updraft.

Not wanting to waste time in case the guards rotated on a timely basis, she moved off to her left, moving around the hill in a wide arc before moving forward to the outcropping. Hiding behind a large boulder, she took a peak over the top at her targets below.

Notching her bow with a simple flint-headed arrow, she lied in wait for the moment to strike. A dark figure in the sky shot through the air, heading straight for the fort, flapping above the heads of the guards before soaring back into the air. Victoria let the arrow fly, striking a guard near the back of the fort while the others were busy being flustered by Castiel. The arrow struck true and the man clutched at the arrow lodged in his chest slightly above his right lung before tumbling over the fortifications to the ground below.

Notching two Direwolf tooth arrows now, she followed a pair of guards as the continued their path along the fortifications of the old, abandoned fort. Castiel struck again, this time disrupting the group of three guards that seemed to be arguing over how better to fight the ‘monster of the sky’. As the pair turned to survey the commotion, they both doubled over, blood pouring from their stomachs as two pale white tips protruded for the ripped skin and tissue. Together they slumped to the fortifications, alerting one of the other guards.

After some brief, heated discussion, one of the remaining guards went to check out what the commotion was. As he arrived on the scene to find the two bleeding bodies, he didn’t have a chance to yell before another direwolf toothed arrow scored through his throat, flooding his oesophagus with gurgling blood.

Castiel landed back of Victoria’s shoulder as she notched another two flint headed arrows; aiming high into the heavens. Letting them fly at the two remaining guards, she watched them sail high in the air before raining down on the unsuspecting guards. The first arrow struck true between the shoulder plate and helmet, causing the guard to fall to the floor in spasms as the second arrow struck the other guard in the back of his head as he removed his helmet.

“Head shot!” she congratulated with Castiel as the falcon squawked. Feeding him another piece of meat, Victoria waved at Varian, signalling for him and the others to join her at the gates to the fort.
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