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∣ "Solo"
Girl's Bathroom

Chapter Three: Part Eleven
Social Interaction

Effect: None

He was told to repent for his actions. What actions? "I don't know what you're talking about," he said plainly, with disinterest. What did he have to apologize for? Solo doesn't apologize, even if he knows it's his fault. She then pointed her finger directly in his face, once more telling him to leave. "I told you I'm not going anywhere without Eva." He crossed his arms. He was raised to stand his ground, and this time he had more than enough reason, in his mind. "If that's a problem for you, get over it. I'm not leaving without her. That's that."

He closed his eyes, letting his head lower as he began to lean against the wall. "I've had enough fighting for today, but I'm not changing my mind. Eva," He directed his voice toward the stall, "let's get out of here, we can talk on the way back to the dorm." He turned his head back toward the girl, staring somewhat blankly. The concern for Eva was apparent, though he did his best to simply act tough and cover that emotion. "Does that work for you?"

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