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To be honest, I really didn't like the dream world in Generation V. First of all, you'd only get an hour to do everything you need. Secondly, there was no sure way that you would get the pokemon that you want, since it looked as though some pokemon were rarer than others. Even then, I'd found the minigames to be quite tedious because, well, they were the same ones every time. :x

So, if the Dream World ever comes to Pokemon X and Pokemon Y, I really hope that they make some changes. That, and I really hope that the dependency for it becomes lower.

Because, you know what -- I really don't like the fact that you'd have to be so dependent on the dream world, along side other things to get the dream world pokemon you'd want, only to be bombarded with a lot of annoying stuff! Well, eh, if there was an actual reason to visit the dream world, I would like the Dream World to at least have more exclusive items and berries that you can only get from there, as an incentive for us to actually visit the dream world. Or just more exclusives in general.

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