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Quote originally posted by gimmepie:
Hmm, these are pokemon I'm not too knowledgeable on but I'll give it a shot.

Jolteon - I see no real reason for it to have both Thunderbolt and Volt Switch. I'd swap Volt Switch for a special coverage move or Work Up or something.

Cofagrigus- Looks okay to me.

Kingdra - Kingdra. You're clearly going for speed here but I see little reason to use both the Rain Dance + Swift Swim combo and Dragon Dance since that takes up move slots. I'd replace Dragon Dance for Dragon Pulse. Outrage is powerful but you need to be certain you can KO your opponent before confusion sets in or know that what ever you switch for can take hits (I'm guessing that's why you have Cofagrigus). So you should be fine to keep outrage but you may want to consider replacing it, really I think it is fine.

Kingdra covers for Jolteon's weakness fine but you don't have much coverage for Kingdra's or Cofagrigus' weaknesses.
The reason why Volt Switch is in there is to give Jolteon a scouting option; it damages the opponent, thens switches out. It's too frail to use Work Up.

I also don't see a reason for Cofagrigus to use both Shadow Ball and Hex at once. I'd rather use Shadow Ball because it's more consistent than Hex, which is only effective when the opponent is statused. If Cofagrigus' Hidden Power type is Fighting, then use that. Also, Pain Split > Power Split to give Cofagrigus some form of recovery.