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It didn't bother me much at all, considering I didn't play GSC beforehand, like Anna said. I played Yellow first, but lost it quickly. Pokemon Stadium 2 was my gen II. I knew GSC had a day/night system, but I didn't really experience it, so I wasn't too bummed over it not being in RSE.

It was a bit annoying to have to go check your clock and make sure it was night or day, if you were trying to evolve Eevee. Cause you couldn't just look at the game and think "oh, it's night, time to train Eevee" like you could in the previous game. But you didn't have to worry about that if you had no way to get Eevee into that game anyway, lol.

But it's weird though, how come GSC had day & night? But not RSE and FRLG?
Not sure about RSE, but FRLG didn't have it because the games they were remaking didn't have it.
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