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:D It caaaaame! On release day, too. This hasn't happened for a JP release for me since KH2FM, haha.

I don't have time to play it yet since I have assignments to churn out first but I loaded it up and installed the trophies anyway. Played about 30 seconds of KH1FM and wow the camera is great now. *u*

Quote originally posted by Drakow:
Nah bro, I was MAN enough to get through ALL of that on the toughest difficulty. Even the 50 floor (I think it was 50 I can't remember) dungeon thing where you had to fight that wannabe Roxas at the end and then there were those red Defender guys who would kick the crap out of you if you weren't careful as well lol
Yeah, I'm gonna say my level 1 run in BBS keeps my KH badass level high enough to excuse giving up on Coded at a decent difficulty level. (At least I finished it, though.) :(
Quote originally posted by Cid:
Nah, I wasn't serious. There are way more difficult secret bosses. Guys who beat those probably don't even care about me beating Mr. Time Shenanigans. XD;
I dunno, I found MF pretty tough with Terra. Probably harder than a lot of bosses I've had to deal with in the series because Terra just didn't pay attention when Master Eraqus was teaching the dodge skills and has way less frames of invincibility than everyone else when sliding or else takes longer to go into his next slide--I forget which but MAN that fight is frustrating with him on hard difficulties. :(
Speaking of Coded, though, rumors on KH 2.5 HD say that it'll contain II, Birth by Sleep and Coded. Probably the Final Mix versions for the first two... and a theater mode for Coded, I guess. Doesn't sound very appealing for the latter part, but finally getting to play II's Final Mix would be a blast! I just hope that Kingdom Hearts III doesn't dive into even deeper development hell with these rumors.
I assume that's what it'll be, yeah, even if there are literally only 3 cutscenes in Re:Coded that have any lingering relevance to the series. >:/ I'm so excited for 2.5 otherwise though. I replayed Birth by Sleep over the last week so I can do a partial chronological run of the series since I'm starting KH1 again this weekend and everything. I love that game so much and at so many points during it, I kept thinking "this would be great if I could move the camera" or "wow this scene will look great in HD" (or "wow I bet maybe they'd even fix the lag and frame rate in Maleficent's castle!" but I'm not placing bets on that one :P).

I don't think large teams work on these at all. You have a few people doing the cutscenes (if they even need more than one person?) and then a few programmers fixing kinks that come from just porting the game over and upping the output resolution. Then the new texture artists... honestly, it's not a big crowd, I imagine. I don't think we have to worry about these games distracting from anything.