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Quote originally posted by flygon1994:
Hi I was wondering if i could get the following pokemon
Shiny Larvitar, 2 Shiny Eevee, Shiny Vulpix

Gender: Doesn't matter
Ability: Doesn't matter
Nature: Doesn't matter
Nickname: None
Egg Moves: None
Best IVs: Any will do
Pokerus: Doesn't matter

I'm not really picky and if my request is too much I'm just let me know since I'm kinda new too this.
I'm available most days from 6 to 10. And thank you.

Sorry. I don't really do shiny. I recommend you either check the EV's mons section and request the ones you want, or try some of the other shops that do RNG. For me to do shiny Pokemon I would have to breed for days at a time, since I don't know RNG manipulation.



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