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Quote originally posted by Murt93:
I don't have gothitelle sorry
yeah I can do keldeo,groudon,rufflet,solosis,duskull for the lot would you prefer them as their first evolutions or their final evolution's and do you want a certain gender/nature? or are they just for the pokedex?

Braviary is for the pokedex, so final evolution is preferable, same with Duskull. Solosis first evolution would be great though, Quiet?

Quote originally posted by tabor62:
Er, that'd be six Pokemon from you and seven Pokemon from me, perhaps you have more events? Either that or you'll have to choose to let one on my Pokemon go.

Yeah, of course, didn't know what deal you were interested in. Cut out the Celebi?

Quote originally posted by SchwarzRozen:
I will be home later tonight to do the trades, and I may cancel some of the trades tonight if other traders meet my requests before you.

I'm requesting Chatot, Porygon, Scyther, Spinarak, Whynot/Wobbafett, Tyrouge, Phampy, Kygore, and Rayquaza.

Yes this is a lot of a trade, however I can fill out a lot of the things you want.
-All of you 'wants' in the fifth generation, including the legendarys
-Anything in my shop

I will be home around 5 or 6 this evening (EST)!

Tepig, Pansage, Jellicent, Beheeyem, Archeops, Eelektross, Swanna, Zekrom, Thunderus? (Whatever evolution is fine, I just listed them as such).

I get back from work around 7:00 EST, I'll see if I can catch you

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