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Hi I be Sonired, a new member ta Pokecommunity and I be also plannng on makng a Pokemon Spheal. Now read below on how ta nsert pokesprites ta Ruby/Sapphire

you will need
Irfanview (gizoogle it)
Pant or Pant.NET (dis tutarial dawgly focuses on .NET as that was built fo graphic editng)
Nternet access
PKMN Ruby or Sapphire rom (cool rom is a good site)

1. Open yo ROM n Pokepic
2. Type n tha Pokemons Pokedex number (if its a Hoenb Dex pokemon, add 13 ta its pokedex number, as its gots Glitches n between
3. Click Gotso
4. Now export it.
5. Open it n Pant.NET
6. Now go ta yo browser and type n ""
7. You'll git a list of sprites from Gen I ta V
8. Save one of tha pictures nta a custam sphealng folder
9. Open it n Pant.NET
10. Go back ta yo picture of yo orignal PKMN
11. Colourpick tha background colour and colour n over tha Pokemon.
12. Now go back ta yo new sprite and copy it
13. Paste N new layer
14. Now save it (eithar overwritng or as a new file) AS A PNG FILE!!! Remember that!!
15. Open up Irfanview and open up yo png file.
16. Decrease colour depth ta 16.
17. Now you can import
18. Do tha exact sbee fo backsprite but nstead if tickng nothng n tha export/import, tick backsprite
19. thare you go!!!!
20. Open up n VBA

Thnx fo readng
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