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Quote originally posted by donavannj:
Some of us have positively terrible handwriting, so I don't see it replacing keyboards outright, just making them optional for PC end-users.

The technology they're using seems to be very similar to the technology at the core of Duck Hunt for the NES, just extremely refined (as I would expect for a technology that old).
No no, haha, I wasn't referring to handwritten digital characters. I meant something like a 3D on screen keyboard that you can use as digital hardware. Now that would be awesome. Definitely take a while to get used to, but still.
Quote originally posted by Cassino:
I'm sure this is technologically fascinating, but I can do everything perfectly fine and probably more precisely without waving my arms around, which is liable to be tiring anyway. Not to criticise the pursuit of alternative control mechanisms, I just don't think motion controls are really the way to go about it, personally. I am interested in the potential for 3D modelling, though.
True true, it would take time to adapt to this control mechanism, but I still think future Operating Systems can be changed to fit this kind of tech. Personally I think it's too early to incorporate said tech so deeply into computers right now, but I can still see this little gadget built into future laptop models right next to the mouse pad, especially for gaming. It could even be built into console controllers for specific games programmed specifically to fit motion control. I don't know, just seems like a great concept!

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