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While Rick would normally consider this the jackpot, as he was stricken with the chance to go and capture a Fully grown Weaville and a Sawsbuck, the situation did not look favorable to him this time around. Looking at his Slugma, he could see that it was panting with exhaustion, not to mention the hail was coming down hard and making it troublesome for him to concentrate in during this battle. Looking over at the two Pokemon, they certainly looked like they were more preoccupied with seeing to the crippled Sneasel than Rick himself, so it look favorable for both of them for the fight to end before it began. Pulling out Slugma's Pokeball, he returned him and tucked away his and the deerling's poke ball, backing away slowly, his hands up to show he wash;t going to try any funny business.

After clearing a little distance, Rick made his way through the path, getting back on the main road and heading straight for Petalburg. The hail was settling down by the time he had gotten into town and Rick was ready to relax after his long and arduous journey. The Nurse Joy was nice enough to heal his Pokemon, so he was left to relax in the lounge while he waited for Slugma to heal up. He was a little worried about the guy, as the two of them had been battling quite a bit since the left the Professor's laboratory.

After giving up his Slugma to nurse joy, Rick sat down and diverted his attention to his first caught Pokemon, a baby Delibird. Rick was not pleased with the useless addition to his team, but he figured that he might as well get to know it while he could. The Pokemon was known for being rather cute and mischievous. Maybe he could use it as an intelligence agent, rather than as a battler.

Opening the Pokeball, Rick was astounded to find the baby Delibird latching on to his face the minute he released it. Then Rick remembered the events that took place during its capture: the sneasel had thrown an Egg at the Pokeball, which proceeded to hatch right before getting captured in its place. The baby, having seen nothing before its capture, had yet to imprint, so it made sense that the Pokeball had become its secondary egg, imprinting on the first person it saw when it was released, which by all accounts would have been Rick.

Pulling the baby chick off of his face, rick sat the baby bird in front of him as he looked it over, trying to figuring out what to do with it. As he looked it over, he noticed that the baby bird was imitating his gestures. At first it was cute, but it got old very fast. Deciding to deal with the rest of the bird problem later, Rick returned the Delibird to its Pokeball and went over to the check out counter to receive his Slugma, fuly healed from battle.

After that, Rick went out to the Gym of Norman, one of the most professional gym leaders around, master of Normal Pokemon and one of the few Gym Leaders Rick felt he could trust. not only was the man a well respected member of the Pokemon community, he was experienced, professional, and incredibly skilled. He also was good friends with Proffessor Birch, so he was sure that he would be able to help him out on this situation.

Leaving the Pokemon center, Rick made his way around the block to head over to the Petalburg Gym. Strangely enough, the gym was in operation at this time, so he was able to get through the lounge. Inside there were a punk trainer telling Rick that if he wanted to challenge the Gym Leader, he would need to beat them first. "Look, I don't want to fight the Leader, I just need to talk to him." "Well too bad, cause all who want to get through those doors need to get through me first." Pulling out his Pokeball, he sent out a Slakoth, which was proceeding to take a nap on he ground. Figuring that this would be the fastest way, Rick reached for Slugma, but his hand nocked the one holding Delibird instead.

The little scamp jumped out, laughing in mid air as it began to play. The trainer just looked at the tiny creature and began laughing at how weak it was. It was especially humiliating when the Delibird began shadowboxing, as if it knew how to fight. It was adorable. But then the unexpected happened: Delibird manifested two Presents and hurled them at the guy's Slakoth. Taken aback by the sudden shift in attack, and completely underestimating Rick's Delibird, the blasts hit the poor Slakoth square in the face, nocking it clean out.

The trainer tried to remedy this with his Zigzagoon, which charged and tackled Delibird before she could through her Present at him. The tackle hit her square in the gut, almost nocking her out. Luckily for her though, she had Vital Spirit, which saved her by an inch of her life. The Present dropped right in front of Delibird also and the blast, instead of dealing the final blow to her, healed her of her injuries, and allowing her to throw two more volleys of Present at the Zigzagoon, nocking it out as well.

The punk was about to pull put his third Pokemon, when Norman stepped into the room, hearing about the ruckus that the punk was causing. He apologized to Rick, saying that the punk had been kicked out of his gym for the third time and that he was having a lot of trouble getting him to leave him alone. Rick said it was nothing and bent over to check on Delibird, who was panting but still trying to put up a strong face. "Heheh, don't worry little guy, you showed them who's boss. Now, let's go talk to the nice Gym Leader."

Following Norman to his office, he pulled out the Burst stone and explained what had happened to his brother and what Birch had told him about it. "Birch explained to me that the process to use Burst is incredibly dangerous and life threatening to those that weren't experienced and strong both Mentally, Emotionally, and Physically. I'm certainly very smart, having graduated the top of my class, and I'm not one too loose in to my emotions, but what I do lack is experience and Physical training. I figured that a person such as yourself would be skilled in both regions and would be willing to train me. I need to know the secret to Burst if I am going to uncover the secrets of Team Gaia and my brother's death."

but Norman couldn't help him in this case. He explained that the task of training for Burst would take the same amount of time as it would to be the Pokemon Master and that he was too busy right now to personally train anyone. He was too busy running his gym and he didn't have the time.

Figuring he should go now, Rick left the gym, heading out to go do some more training. He had to walk a bit, as the town wasn't exactly a few yards in distance. There were homes and plenty of men and women to fill them in as well. But the people were kind and social and gave him directions when he needed them, and to be honest, he needed them a lot. But sure enough, he had made his way out of town, and the cold air covering the beach hit him like a hornets nest. The weather this week had been a cruel mistress, giving him snow and chills and ice galore.

Taking out the pokeball holding the Deerling, Rick decided to try his hand at using a truly wild Pokemon. The Pokemon was young, so it wasn't going to be significantly as hard as one would expect, but still hard enough. The Pokemon was still grumpy about being taken away from its friends and family, but it wasn't about to run off, which was a plus.

Rick first tried to coax it with a few treats, but eventually guessed that the best way for them to bond would be for them to have a Pokemon battle with a wild one. And sure enough there was a spheal rolling in from the waves. Rick gave his command to initiate the battle with the spheal and the Deerling reluctantly complied, jumping in to do battle. "First use Grasswhistle to put it to sleep, and then..." but before his command could be finished, the Spheal had already begun to fire volleys of Water gun at them, soaking the white sand as his Deerling made it a work out trying to dodge the shots. Hiei tried to guide it properly, but the Deerling was moving well before he could give it a command on where to dodge.

As the Deerling successfully dodged the fifth volley of water gun, it wasn't prepared for the trap that had been laid out for him. The Spheal began to spray a Powder Snow over the area that the Deerling was going to land, freezing the water on the sand, causing Deerling to slip right onto its side. The Spheal was then prepared to fire another shot of Powder Snow, so Rick had to think fast. "Deerling! Use Sand Attack! Then follow up with Grasswhistle!" Able to give his command this time, Deerling kicked the sand right into the Spheal's eyes, making it fire the snow in a completely different location. It then became victim to the soothing music of the Grasswhistle coming from the Deerling as it tried to stand, avoiding the frozen areas as it could try.

It then leaped through the air, giving the Spheal a good Double-Kick with its rear legs when it landed and turned its body. Rick then sent out a Pokeball, hoping to catch the sleeping spheal before it woke up. The creature went in, and the ball began to shake.

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