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Hey! I normally don't tell the world about my gaming experiences but... I have to tell you what happened on my Pokemon Black Version I got from Amazon. Alright... I needed a Pokemon Black Version game for a low price... I always go for Amazon first. I ordered it from a man by the name of "BUYMYGAMENOWNOWNOW." I though; "Wow! He must want to get rid of it!" It was 5.50$ Shipping and handling included. When it arrived I instantly opened the package to recive... A Pokemon Black Version game with a blood stain on Reshiram's wings. I ignored that an put it in my 3DS. What a suprise. My 3DS froze the first time. "Well... Looks like I got scammed!" I was wrong. It finally worked. It started of normally. The Proffesers inroduction asking if your a boy or a girl, Introducing your freinds. That was until. The begining... I was in a hospital room. Another male was next to me... It was... Cheren! In the bed was Bianca. Dead. Of course I would say "What the! Whos idea of a joke was this!" Cheren walked out and the camera focused on him. "2 years... Things were normal and good for her... She became the proffesers assistant... Than I had to..." said Cheren as he looked at a soda machine. "I had to get rid of her... Nobody cared for me..." he said. The game cartridge was wet. Was it trying to prove he was crying? Finally I had control. I already had a team. It was... you guessed it. The usaul guess for the heros team. I had Serperior, Emboar, Samurott, Reshiram, Zekrom, and a Emolga. They all had a unique nickname because there names spelled a scentence. WHY WOULD HE DO THIS WHY? They all knew Flash, Protect, Attract, and Nightmare. Cheren walked in and said; "You finally found out the secret of those Pokemon I gave to you... Now your next!" Cheren said madlly. It said; "Cheren swong a kinfe at you! Your dead..." What was that? The game after words began normally but Cherens sprite always had a little guilt look in his eyes...