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Originally Posted by TheFreak123 View Post
Hi there.

Forgive me if I'm wrong, but I take it you are taking requests right now? If so, I'd really like the following, please.

BP or CP: Not really sure what this stands for, but I think BP is the better option here, based on other people's responses, so I'll go with BP.

Species: Slakoth

Shiny: Yes

Nature: Adamant

IVs: As close to flawless as possible please, but if you can't do that, I really want a focus on Atk and HP, if possible.

Ability: Truant

Eggmoves: Body Slam / Night Slash / None / None if possible) (Tackle / None / None / None is fine with me too)

Ball: Luxury Ball if possible (any ball is fine though)

Redistribution Right: I'm pretty new to these forums, but I assume redistribution rights involve if you can clone the Pokemon or not? If so, I'd prefer if I receive a non-clone Pokemon, but whatever you need to do is fine with me.

Level: 1, if possible.

Thank you very much in advance.
BP = breeding project
CP = capture project
I prefer doing breeding project since for capture, people always ask for legendaries or really hard stuffs to catch but if it is easy, I can do it.
For the ball, since it is a breeding project, the ball will be only the standard pokeball.
For redistribution rights, they are trading right which you may need to read my first post to see all the information. Hope it helps .
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