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Originally Posted by Aerilyn View Post
Unfortunately, I can see that happening. This is why I'm sort of hoping Gen VI introduces more pre-evolutions / evolutions for Gen III similar to how Gen IV had more pre-evolutions / evolutions for Gen II before the ultimate release of HG/SS. So if a RSE remake were to happen, then they can hopefully incorporate more of those new evolutions into the game similar to how it was done in HG/SS. This could allow for a bit more diversity. However, I'm hoping they would go the extra mile and do what they did with B2/W2 and simply expand the Regional Dex.
I hope not in the scale of the fourth generation, which didn't feel like its own generation whatsoever. Too many evolutions and pre-evos to be frank,especially with Pokémon of that region.

I hope if they do have evolutions that they'll only appear in the remakes, but be available in data on X and Y. An expansive dex would be neat....