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Quote originally posted by waveguidebuizel:
I'd like to give this a shot! ^-^

Name: waveguidebuizel
Game: Emerald
Number of Pokemon: 6
Restrictions: None!
Well, I signed up for this forever ago, so it's about time I actually get somewhere with this, huh? Update #1 puts me at two badges currently:
-Hacked in Surskit as a starter, as I mentioned before. Named her Raine.
-Beat May and her Torchic. Gave my rival Torchic because I didn't want the beginning of the game to be super annoying with Bubble as my only attack. >_<
-Did stuff, like beat up that Aqua Grunt in Petalburg Woods and whatnot. Reached Rustboro and cleared surrounding routes. Grinded a bit because Rock is scary.
-Beat Roxanne with help from a few (badly-timed) crits to waste her Potions and an X Defend and Super Potion! Yay, Stone Badge get! ^-^

-Saved the guy's Devon Goods again, as well as Peeko, and got my PokéNav.
-Hitched a ride to Dewford. Looks like people here are obsessed over this "HAS BALL" thing. o.O Haha, at first I was wondering what "HAS" meant, my mind thinking of it as an adjective. Whatever this thing is, it has a smile, as evidenced by the painting hanging in Dewford Hall.
-Anyways, I explored Granite Cave and stumbled across a Sableye! Catching it wasn't easy, as it would escape like right away. But when I held A as a joke... it worked! Hahaha! That makes Gemma the second member of this random team.
-Delivered the letter to Steven and went to the Dewford Gym without grinding, because Gemma's a Sableye. And extra training she did not need! She took down Brawly's team with no problem at all (well, maybe PP levels running low because I decided not to heal after the last gym trainer) and won us the Knuckle Badge!

-Reached Slateport. Explored the city and bought a Harbor Mail. We defeated Team Aqua at the Oceanic Museum and delivered the Devon Goods the Captain Stern.
-Randomly exchanged numbers with Scott. Ran into Prof. Birch at Route 110 and exchanged numbers with him too. And that's where I leave off.

The team so far:

AbilitySwift SwimKeen Eye
ItemSilk ScarfQuick Claw
MovesBubbleNight Shade
Quick AttackFury Swipes
Sweet ScentAstonish
Water SportLeer

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