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Originally Posted by ★Hoenn★ View Post

Yah, you're improving a lot. But, the thing is that as usual I'm only pointing out the places where you can improve.

Thanks for using the shading style of the original art. I think it fits, but I had no idea you'll only use this part. So, this can be classified into a mugshot, so you'll need to put in extra shading which the original art overlooked because it focused on the whole image, not just one part. You should apply in the highlights, especially on the bulge on its forehead and top of its hair. Also, it could use some nice anti-aliasing. I don't think you're familiar with it, so forget this until you've mastered this xD.

The claws too. I recently put in a tut where you could understand a few things, but I'm not focusing on that.

The ears also look loose, but xD let's forget that.

The eyes, I can bear, I'll just improve it for you since you hate it.
Extend the black dot by one pixel all around it, and make the shading spherical. Other than that it looks fine xD.
Yeah, Thanks I'll improve those things you pointed out.

Also I made a new pixel over and it's Cherim :)

What do you guys think?