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Kyle Haden

Surprisingly the Pupitar withstood the Shadow Ball. Kyle was surprised, but managed to avoid showing it on his face. Almost immediately the kid commanded his Pupitar to use Bite. In a shocking display of speed the Pupitar closed in, biting Ches in a gruesome manner. The Dark-Type move was super effective. Ches couldn't handle anymore and fainted. This leveled the playing field. The number of Pokemon left were 2 for both trainers. Kyle called Ches back to his Pokeball and swapped it for another one. He rolled it around his hand for a short amount of time and threw it in the air.

"Go Chroma! You've got this!" yelled Kyle.

A Metang shot from the Pokeball almost slamming into the ground, but stopped about three feet from the ground. The Pokemon hovered silently and stared down the Pupitar that took down its teammate.

More to come, but they're in the works. Also, if you like what you see and want one just ask. It's not like I've got anything better to do (other than write posts).
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