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I had another Dragons Exalted pack yesterday. Got it from family members, and I pulled... very little of interest. I did diversify my Blend Energy pool a bit more because of it, though. Got some of the one I didn't have 4 of yet.

Quote originally posted by Demon.:
An alright tin.

Just pulled a second full art cresselia, a ho oh ex, a bunch of holos, and another secret rare. Thats two in a row. Its serperior.
I declare hax. HAX I SAY!

Seriously good luck on your part.

Quote originally posted by LilJz1234:
I'm actually using Zoroark & Mewtwo EX in my deck. I'm planning on using Shedinja but I still need Nincada before I can use it.
ur deck needs moar arceus

rainbow arceus is the best deck in the history of ever

Quote originally posted by Sydian:
Me opening a Black Kyurem tin, and three extra Plasma Storm booster packs! Uhhh normally, I wouldn't post this here because it's really nothing special except that I got a few stuff I needed in PS, but...I got something Don wanted. :x Sorry Don!

You already know full well my reaction to that card from our VMs.

For those that don't know, it basically was "THEY DO EXIST!" because I've had really bad luck pulling one despite the supposed 50-50 odds of getting one from the tins.

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